International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


With ARM7 as the core, this paper discusses a kind of design of vehicle location system. The new mobile vehicle Positioning architecture and working theory of this system is integrated by a lot of hardware modules such as ARM microprocessor LPC2129 as a control unit to combinative with GPS LR9548 and GSM TC35 modules By the hardware/software co-design, the new mobile vehicle Positioning system can be designed. It explores location solution, map matching and data compress associated with the positioning, shows a pro-gram flowchart and predicts the trend of the vehicle location system in the future and meets the traffic auditing department’s needs about Mobile Vehicle Location. The set up consists of ARM7TDMI core, which is a 32 - bit microprocessor, GSM & GPS serves as an important part as it is responsible for Positioning of the Vehicle. ARM7TDMI is an advanced version of microprocessors and forms the heart of the system. GSM operates through SMSs and is the link between ARM processor and centralized unit. This project is used to find the exact Location of the vehicle. GSM is used to inform the user about the exact Location of the vehicle. The information is given on user request in form of SMS. GSM modem can be controlled by standard set of AT (Attention) commands. These commands can be used to control majority of the functions of GSM modem.





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