International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) uses the visual features of an image such as color, shape and texture to represent and index the image. In a typical content based image retrieval system, a set of images that exhibit visual features similar to that of the query image are returned in response to a query. CLUE (CLUster based image rEtrieval) is a popular CBIR technique that retrieves images by clustering. In this paper, we propose a CBIR system that also retrieves images by clustering just like CLUE. But, the proposed system combines all the features (shape, color, and texture) with a threshold for the purpose. The combination of all the features provides a robust feature set for image retrieval. We evaluated the performance of the proposed system using images of varying size and resolution from image database and compared its performance with that of the other two existing CBIR systems namely UFM and CLUE. We have used four different resolutions of image. Experimentally, we find that the proposed system outperforms the other two existing systems in ecery resolution of image





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