International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The research work deals with an approach to perform texture and morphological based retrieval on a corpus of food grain images. The work has been carried out using Image Warping and Image analysis approach. The method has been employed to normalize food grain images and hence eliminating the effects of orientation using image warping technique with proper scaling. The images have been properly enhanced to reduce noise and blurring in image. Finally image has segmented applying proper segmentation methods so that edges may be detected effectively and thus rectification of the image has been done. The approach has been tested on sufficient number of food grain images of rice based on intensity, position and orientation. A digital image analysis algorithm based on color, morphological and textural features was developed to identify the six varieties rice seeds which are widely planted in Chhattisgarh region. Nine color and nine morphological and textural features were used for discriminant analysis. A back propagation neural network-based classifier was developed to identify the unknown grain types. The color and textural features were presented to the neural network for training purposes. The trained network was then used to identify the unknown grain types.





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