International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


This paper introduces a non-invasive method for monitoring the respiratory patterns of the patients and the specifications of apnea monitor hardware. The microcontroller based apnea monitor consists of a sensor system interfaced with a microcontroller to detect the apnea from the heat changes in the oro-nazal air flow and simultaneously measure the brain tissue oxygen level by Near Infrared spectroscopy(NIRS).Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has the potential to noninvasively monitor brain tissue oxygen saturation (SO2), and changes in concentration of oxyhemoglobin [O2Hb], deoxyhemoglobin [HHb] and total haemoglobin [tHb] with real-time resolution. We hypothesized that brain tissue oxygenation would be worse during sleep in OSA relative to controls and sought to determine the practical use of NIRS in the sleep laboratory.





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