International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The application of wireless sensor network is emerging as a new trend in different sphere of modern society. However due to the advancement of SWE, designing & discovering sensor web registry services throughout heterogeneous environments is becoming a challenging task and raises several concerns like performance, reliability, and robustness. Many approaches and frameworks have been proposed to discover the sensor web registry services. Some of the approaches assume that the requests are placed in SOAP compatible formats while others focus on GUI based parametric query processing. We have formulated an approach that uses the Natural Language Query Processing which is a convenient and easy method of data access, especially for casual users who do not understand complicated database query languages such as SQL or XML based Query Language like XQuery and XPath. SOA is the proven technology for designing an efficient Sensor Web Registry by describing various parameters and sensor web services needed. We also propose an architecture based on x-SOA that organizes the method of sensor web registry service discovery in an efficient and structured manner using an intermediary, requester friendly layer called the Request Parser & Query Generator (RPQ) between the service provider and service requester via a service registry. We describe how RPQ facilitates the processing of plain text request query to a most appropriate sensor web service and also an algorithm with implementation for a complete cycle of sensor web registry service discovery.




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