International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Dual-failure scenarios are a real possibility in today’s optical networks and it is becoming more and more important foe carriers and network operators to consider them when designing their networks. p-Cycle is a recent approach in optical network protection. p-Cycle use preconnected cycles of spare capacity to restore affected working traffic. We propose new method and strategies to support multiple qualities of service classes in a static pcycle based network Design, using the same global set of resources as required to operate a network with only a single failure protected service class. A propose new method to provide dual failures survivability using p-cycle. A p-cycle is set up for each link. When link is failure, the system will on-line select the best route of pcycle to react. In single failure or dual failure, data does not divert randomly in route of p-cycle. Data packets are switched based on priority criteria it means that the higher priority packets go through shortest distance route of pcycle and lowest priority data packets go through longest distance route of p-cycle.




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