International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The field programmable gate array technology can design high performance system at low cost for wavelet analysis. Wavelet transform has gained the reputation of being a very effective signal analysis tool for much practical application. Implementation of transform needs the meeting of real-time processing for most application. The objectives of this paper are to compare the Haar and Daubeches technology and to calculate the bit error rate (BER) between the input audio signal and reconstructed output signal. It is seen that the BER using Daubechies wavelet technology is less than Haar wavelet. The design procedure is explained using the stat of art electronic design. Automation tools for system design on FPGA, simulation, synthesis and implementation on the FPGA technology has been carried out. The power hovmoller, cross wavelet spectra and coherence are described. A Practical step-up-step guide to wavelet analysis is given with examples taken from time series. The guide includes a comparison to the windowed Fourier transform. New statistical significance test for wavelet power spectra are developed by deriving theoretical wavelet spectra for white and red noise. Empirical formula is given for the effect of smoothing on significance levels and filtering. The notion of orthogonal no separable trivet wavelet packets, which is the generation of orthogonal university wavelet packets is introduced. A de-noising method based on wavelet packet shrinkage is developed. The principle of wavelet packet shrinkage for de-noising and the section of thresholds and threshold function are analyzed.





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