International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


A major goal of the next-generation wireless communication systems is the development of a reliable highspeed wireless communication system that supports high user mobility. Multi-Carrier Modulation (MCM) technique is an attractive approach for high-speed digital radio communication systems in order to achieve a high spectral efficiency and to combat the frequency selectivity of the channel. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a kind of MCM techniques. As proven by the success of OFDM, multicarrier modulation has been recognized as an efficient solution for wireless communications. Waveform bases other than sine functions could similarly be used for multicarrier systems in order to provide an alternative to OFDM. Wavelet Packet Modulation (WPM) was proposed as one of the multicarrier transmission methods like OFDM. Since it is a multicarrier transmission method. In this paper, we study the performance of FFT-OFDM and wavelet Packet (WP)- OFDM from through demonstrated numerical examples, and evaluation of FFT-OFDM and DWPT-OFDM in AWGN channel , Flat fading channel and Selective Fading Channel.





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