International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


HIPERLAN/2 performance analysis via a MATLAB/Simulink simulation is present. This paper shows the results of simulations performed on a MATLAB/Simulink model HIPERLAN/2 system with and without a nonlinear power amplifier for AWGN channel. In the following analysis, an additive white Gaussian (AWGN) transmission channel is assumed since attention is focused on the effects on the nonlinearity. The power amplifier model used here is the Rapp’s Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) model. Here we showed that HIPERLAN/2 is much more sensitive to power amplifier nonlinearities. The paper shows that the received constellation points are considerably distorted after passing through the amplifier. The BER plot is more degraded when the transmitted signal passes through the amplifier than the plot when it does not pass through the amplifier





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