International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


EU-Project FUTON Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) infrastructure proposes high transmission rates at small antenna costs, implying competitive CAPEX for next generation networks. But to be cost-efficient, it needs to employ new network architectures and intelligent technology solutions for decreasing network operational costs. The RoF Network Manager manages the network equipment on the optical front haul between the Central Unit (CU) and all Remote Antenna Units (RAU)s connected by it, as well as the communication links, while enabling end-to-end service problem resolution and service quality management by the FUTON Middleware. Although a significant amount of prior research work can be found in the literature related to RoF, there is still significant lack of technologies concerning RoF networks management. RoF Manager and its sub-systems target to fill such gap, proposing a novel concept in the form of Channel Forwarding Table (CFT). RoF Manager follows an autonomous and generic network management framework, designed to be scalable in terms of adding new network elements (NEs). It targets multitechnology, multi-service and multi-vendor NEs in the network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). It can also provide alternative paths in case of failure. This work puts forward a new paradigm towards RoF management solution managing network performance, network faults, network security and configurations for convergent networks.





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