International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


The construction industry is one of the most traditional fields which has a much higher competitiveness and complexity. These factors promote several unhealthy work practices and procedures. Quantity Surveyors are considered one of the most important stakeholders in the construction industry. Due to their duties and responsibilities associated throughout the entire life cycle of the construction project they are suffering from more work stresses than the other professionals in the industry. There are previous studies that are conducted regarding the factors affecting the work balance, and job satisfaction of Quantity Surveyors and various types of workplace-related stress, stress-causing factors and different coping mechanisms. In this paper, the researcher uses the qualitative approach to identify and discuss the long-term effectiveness of stress coping mechanisms. Furthermore, it is more focused on the Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors. Thus this research has identified 35 long-term effective stress coping mechanisms that are used by Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors.

Keywords – Construction Industry, Stress Coping Strategies, Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors, Effective Stress management



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