International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Artificial Intelligence is opening up new avenues in the construction industry. Machine learning is an emerging AI research paradigm, and it is important to making buildings "smart." Machine learning technologies have the potential to offer up a plethora of new opportunities in the construction industry, such as site surveillance, automated detection, and intelligent maintenance. The purpose of this study was to examine the new areas where AI and ML are being employed in the construction sector and how their implementation would aid in the improvement of work sites. However, due to the difficulties in collecting annotated data, ML applications face a variety of challenges, especially when applied in a highly complicated building project. This study also looks at how machine learning grew from shallow to deep learning and how it is used in the construction industry. Following the completion of this study, it was determined conclusively that the use of AI and ML in construction projects improves work safety, increases productivity, and so on, and its implications are presently being employed to conduct research around the world.



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