International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


This paper reflects the results of an experimental investigation of the strength, permeability, abrasion, carbonation, and shrinkage characteristics of concrete containing various percentages of steel slag as partial replacement of natural fine aggregates. M 30 Grade concrete was designed as per specific national specifications. Steel slag was used to replace natural sand in the range of 0– 50%. It was observed that the steel slag blended concrete with up to 50% substitution exhibited a comparable compressive and flexural strength when compared to the control specimens. From the Dorry’s abrasion test, it was noted that the specimens could be implemented in heavy-duty floor tiles and even extended to pavement construction. The shrinkage strains, water permeability, and carbonation of steel slag blended concrete were observed to be increasing with increasing replacement amounts of steel slag in the place of natural fine aggregates. The concrete containing steel slag replacing up to 40% of natural fine aggregates can be recommended for all heavy load involving structural applications, and substitution levels beyond 40% could be recommended for non-structural applications, pavements, etc.





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