International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Cold-formed structural members are being used more widely in routine structural design as the world steel industry moves from the production of hot-rolled section and plate to coil and strip, often with galvanised and/or painted coatings. Steel in this form is more easily delivered from the steel mill to the manufacturing plant where it is usually coldrolled into open and closed section members. The present experimental study is on the effect of infilled Normal Concrete and Geopolymer concrete only at the joints in cold formed tubular sections and which may increase the load carrying capacity of the joints. In present study strength of the joint is increased by infilling different grades of concrete in the tubular specimens the joints with single number of bolts at the connection. This work presents number of experimental tests have been carried out on cold formed tubular tension members fastened with bolts, to calculate the failure capacity and increase in strength of the member and also to trace the entire load versus Strain/Elongation so that the behavior of the connection is examined and also MATLAB used for calculation of maximum loads for various thickness.



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