International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


The world’s ever increasing population and her progressive adoption of an industrial based lifestyle has inevitably led to an increased anthropogenic impact on the biosphere. In industrial, opportunities exist for the release into the ecosystem of potentially hazardous compounds specially heavymetals like CrVI at various stages of the operation.Microbes (bacteria/fungi) are the most important eco-friendly agents for the biodegradation and detoxification of toxic industrial pollutants .Bioremediation is the mostpromising, eco-friendly and cost effective technology widely used now a days to clean up toxic heavy metals from industrial effluent and soil.Most of the microorganism were unable to grow in acidic effluent. Present research article reports Bioremediation of toxic metal pollutant CrVI from acidic effluents of electroplating industry by chromate reducing strain Bacillus Sp.c31171 isolated from electrooplatting industrial sludge .



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