International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Increasing industrialization and urbanization are the main causes of degradation of environment. The various components of environment get affected due to many development projects. Therefore it is necessary to assess the impact of any major project on the environment. In many cities the congested intersections with traffic jams is the common scenario, which affects the air and noise environment to a great extent. Nagpur city located in Maharashtra state is a fast developing city. To minimize this problem Chhatrapti Square and Sakkardara Square. As Chhatrapti Square is surrounded by many educational institutes, commercial complexes, hospitals and residential area, the inhabitants of the area exposed to polluted environment and also through traffic is passing and diverted on Ring road (Bypass). The equivalent noise level was in the range of 70 dB (A) to 81 dB (A). The other beneficial impacts of flyover are availability of parking space, reduction in accidents and enhancement in the beauty of project area. Therefore the flyover construction proved as a beneficial



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