International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world having growth up to 60 cm or more in a day. Bamboo has social, economic and cultural significance and are used extensively for building materials along with thousands of uses as a highly versatile raw material. The advantage of bamboo is- it is cheap, flexible, tough, high tensile, light weight material than the other materials like steel and can be used in various building works. Bamboo structures are light weight, earthquake resistant and cheaper. Bamboo can be used as a reinforcing material in various structural members. Bamboo is a green material for sustainable development and has various advantages over the other construction materials and is needed to use widely in construction. Male Bamboo or Dendrocalmus Strictus occupies total 53 percent of total bamboo area in India. Various mechanical properties of bamboo are required for its use as a structural material. This paper investigates the tensile property of Male Bamboo. Various grip supports were examined to carry out tension test.



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