International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Geopolymer is a new invention in the world of concrete in which cement is totally replaced by pozzolanic material that is rich in silica and alumina like fly ash and activated by alkaline liquids to act as a binder in the concrete. Experimental investigation has been carried out to study the effect of water-to-geopolymer binder ratio on workability in terms of flow and compressive strength tested after heat curing in oven at 900C for 8 hours duration. Activated liquid to fly ash ratio of 0.35 by mass was maintained constant on the basis of past research. Sodium silicate solution with Na2O = 16.37%, SiO2 = 34.35% and H2O = 49.28% and 13 mole concentrated sodium hydroxide solution were used as alkaline activators. Test results show that the flow of geopolymer concrete increases with increase in the water-to-geopolymer binder ratio. But the compressive strength decreases with increase in water-to-geopolymer binder ratio similar to water/cement ratio in cement concrete.



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