International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


This paper presents the results of experimental program on strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) beams by external bonding of steel plates. The experimental study is conducted on the strengthening of 26 RC beams divided in two series of beams i.e. without and with internal shear reinforcement. The continuous steel plates of various thickness and depth are centrally bonded with epoxy adhesive to the side of the beam webs. The study has shown that the provision of adhesively bonded external steel plates has the potential to significantly increase shear strength of RC beams. The effects of steel plate thickness and plate depth on ultimate shear strength of the specimens are also investigated. The shear strength of a beam with bonded steel plates increases with increasing plate depth and thickness across the beam section. It is observed from the experimental results and its analysis, that the beams should be reinforced with plates up to the maximum possible section depth to attain the maximum shear contribution from steel plate. Using thicker plates does not increase the strength proportionally, it is better to use deeper rather than thicker plates to achieve the maximum shear contribution for same plate cross-sectional area.



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