International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Sewage is waste water carrying wastes removed from residences, institutions, and commercial and industrial establishments, together with such groundwater, surface water, and storm water as may be present. It is more than 99.9% pure water and is characterized by its volume or rate of flow its physical condition, its chemical constituents, and the bacteriological organisms that it contains. Increasing volumes of domestic, hospital and industrial wastewater are being produced in cities around the world. Cities in developing countries lack resources to treat wastewater before disposal. Even where expensive wastewater treatment plants are installed, only a small percentage of the total wastewater volume is treated before discharge resulting in rivers, lakes and aquifers becoming severely contaminated. So there is great need to treat waste water. We can treat such water by various methods. The contaminants in wastewater are removed by physical, chemical, and biological means. The individual methods usually are classified as physical unit operations, chemical unit processes, and biological unit processes, Although these operations and processes occur in a variety of combinations in treatment systems, it has been found advantageous to study their scientific basis separately because the principles involved do not change. We can achieve desire results with the help of PLC. Using PLC we want to develop an automated continuous process system for treating the waste water. Though the process seems to be simple but degree of automation is higher for proper operation of a system. In this paper we are discussing how we are going to develop this system, what is the basic theme of this system and how our ideas will be applicable to the theme. We have designed a control system particularly a batch process.





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