International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Indore is a fast growing industrial city of Madhya Pradesh. To meet the large demand and improve the capacity and productivity of buses, ICTSL has proposed to plan, to develop and operate Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in Indore. Bus Rapid Transit System is a new form of public transportation which is an emerging approach to using buses as an improved high-speed transit system. Bus Rapid Transit involves coordinated improvements in a transit system’s infrastructure, equipment, operations, and technology that give preferential treatment to buses on urban roadways. We are selecting eastern ring road corridor for our case study of transit scheduling now a day’s eastern area of Indore is developing rapidly. To provide faster and effective transit services, I make schedule for transit units going to be run on that route. The schedule is made for 14 hours in a day (7:00 AM To 09 PM). For finding out schedule of transit units, traffic data are collected at different road sections along the route. The traffic data is then analyzed and traffic flow and passenger flow along the route is taken out. Transit units are provided on the basis of passenger flow at different sections and at different time within a day.





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