International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


The present study involves extensive experimental works to investigate the free vibration of woven fiber Glass/Epoxy composite plates in free-free boundary conditions. The specimens of woven glass fiber and epoxy matrix composite plates are manufactured by the hand-layup technique. Elastic parameters of the plate are also determined experimentally by tensile testing of specimens using Instron 1195. An experimental investigation is carried out using modal analysis technique with Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer, PULSE lab shop, impact hammer and contact accelerometer to obtain the Frequency Response Functions. Also, this experiment is used to validate the results obtained from the FEM numerical analysis based on a first order shear deformation theory. The effects of different geometrical parameters including number of layers, aspect ratio, and fiber orientation of woven fiber composite plates are studied in free-free boundary conditions in details. This study may provide valuable information for researchers and engineers in design applications.





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