International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


During the past decade major cities have under gone haphazard growth of Industrialization, urbanization of country. Consequently the urban population has to travel greater distances within minimum possible time. To manage travel demand the intersection should be give least resistance to traffic flow so that the travel time can be minimized. The present requirement of metropolitan cities is to absorb the growing traffic demand but within the same physical dimension at the intersection. These days all around the globe efforts are being put forward to protect the environment to save earth. In this paper an attempt has been made to study the various intersections, so as to minimize the delays at these intersections and consequently improve the level service. Traffic signal can be synchronized so that a vehicle starting at one end of the Street and traveling at Preassigned speed can go to other end without stopping for red light. At each intersection the existing traffic has been estimated and then signal designed. Improve the level of service at intersections and to minimize delay, optimized signal has been synchronize and estimated the benefits.





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