International Journal of Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering


Quantitative drainage network analysis & geomorphic evolution of the Sub-basin of Koyna River from Satara District of Maharashtra have been carried out. The various aspects of geomorphometric parameters such as, Drainage Density, Slope, Shape of the Basin, Bifurcation ratio, length ratios etc. along with the geological parameters gives the precise and objective overview about the watershed. This is the seasonal rain fed watershed, hence needs better management. Sustainable developments and management of the watershed is influenced by topography of the area and geomorphologic features. The generated geo-informatics can be readily used for decision-making. The manual estimation of geomorphic parameters is tedious and cumbersome process. However through this attempt of work, it has been found that integration of RS and GIS allows reliable, most accurate and updated database tool for handling special data, very useful in deriving geomorphometric parameters which are essential for planning of future infrastructural constructions, suggested here, for sustainable water resource development. Quantitative analysis and its interpretation of various drainage parameters enable qualitative evaluation of surface runoff, infiltration and susceptibility to erosion within the basin area. In the present study geomorphometric analysis has been carried out and the RS Data have been interpreted. Also, water availability with the help of flow accumulation study has been carried out. Based on this the locations of various water harvesting structures have been mapped, and also some related developmental activities have been suggested.



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