International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Boilers are valued highly in many industrial industries and are expensive assets. In addition to their initial expense, they demand a large maintenance budget in order to guarantee output in respectable and safe working conditions. In order to avoid extreme repercussions, including the loss of lives, these assets must be carefully operated under experienced, well-trained supervision and subject to rigorous maintenance schedules and safety activities. However, this investigation is carried out with the help of the FMEA method, considering the previous literature's studies of boiler accidents in Asia so far. Phase I has detailed information about boilers and Asian boiler accidents, and this research paper explains its nature. Subsequently, based on the data obtained in Phase I, an FMEA model will be developed in Phase II to highlight key boiler safety points. This research helps boiler manufacturers, boiler-related entrepreneurs, and boiler users to ensure maximum safety and identify any new things related to boiler safety.


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