International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Single row layout is one of the most usually used layout patterns in industries, particularly in flexible manufacturing systems. Here actual sequencing of machine and arrangement of parts, no doubt, have a great influence on the throughput of the flexible manufacturing system i.e., (F.M.S). This paper discusses the single row layout design in flexible manufacturing system (F.M.S). This paper furnishes the design, development and testing of simulated annealing technique and genetic algorithm to solve the single row layout problem by considering multi-objective i.e., minimizing the make span of jobs on all machines and minimizing the total transportation cost. The various line layout problems are tested for performance of objective function with respect to computational time and number of iterations involved in GA and SA. A necessary code is generated in C++ and the code is run by the IDE tool in which C++ compiler used as plug in. This tool has Eclipse based features which affords the competency to figure, correct, steer, and sort out the tasks that use C++ as a programming language using Intel core i3-380M processor. The results of the different optimization algorithms (Genetic Algorithm and simulated annealing method) are compared and finally, we observed that GA provide optimum results than SA.





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