International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The development of high-performance thermal systems has increased interest in heat transfer enhancement techniques. The high thermal performance enhancement of heat exchanger systems is needed to use energy source efficiently due to the sky-rocketing prices of petroleum and coal fuels. Heat exchangers are widely used in industry both for cooling and heating. Insertion of turbulators in the flow passage is one of the favorable passive heat transfer augmentation techniques due to their advantages of easy fabrication, operation as well as low maintenance. The purpose of this review presents the effect of twisted tape turbulators on the heat transfer enhancement, pressure drop, flow friction and thermal performance factor characteristics in a heat exchanger tube. The twisted tape turbulator is a device for increasing the heat transfer rate in the heat exchanger system. The widely employed in several industrial and engineering applications of heat exchanger are automobile, refrigerators, solar collector, heat engine, air conditions, thermal power plant, electronic cooling, milk plant, chemical process industries etc. heat transfer enhancement using different type of the turbulators placed in the tube has been extensively studied for the past decade among the both passive and active technique are compile in this review.





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