International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The use of fracture mechanics techniques combining with Finite Element Analysis [F.E.A] in assessment of performance and reliability of pressure vessel structure is on demand .The machine elements with cylindrical profile such as cylindrical shells, which are used extensively as the structural configuration in aerospace and shipping industries needs to be leak proof. But during their service life, a crack may initiate on internal/external boundary of circular cylinder which influences on stress distribution in the structure. All flaws in a physical structure may not always have the same orientation relative to boundaries and material interfaces. In fracture mechanics, Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) is an important criterion to evaluate the impact of crack as the magnitude of SIF determines the propagation of crack. This paper reviews on investigation of S.I.F for 45 deg arbitrarily oriented flaw emanating from a hole in pressurised cylinder using Displacement Extrapolation Method (DEM) in F.E.M that would aid in the determination of the critical nature of such flaws.





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