International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


In this study, we have investigated the effect of ultrasonic stirring in aluminium matrix composite (A359 + 20 vol % SiC ) with the reinforcement of 1 mole % of carbon black. Melting experiments were performed by employing four different conditions. These were – carbon black addition accompanied with mechanical stirring, carbon black addition accompanied with ultrasonic stirring, ultrasonic stirring but no carbon black addition and control specimen (without ultrasonic stirring and no carbon black addition). Hardness comparisons between the samples casted at different condition were made. Sample which was ultrasonically treated (UST) and carbon inoculated had higher hardness than a sample which was neither ultrasonically treated nor carbon black inoculated and the samples which was either ultrasonically treated or carbon inoculated. Microstructure study revealed that a sample which was ultrasonically treated had fine dendrite structure and more uniform distribution of SiC particles than the other samples. Porosity was observed with those samples which were not ultrasonically treated. Al4SiC4 particles were observed but Al4C3 particles weren’t observed.





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