International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The effect of thermo mechanical processing (TMP) on the mechanical properties of HSLA steel was investigated. TMP was conducted using a laboratory open die forging machine.Multiaxial forging (MAF) and intercritical annealing methods were used. TMP is designed to obtain ultrafine grained (UFG) steels. MAF is performed on prismatic shaped samples up to nine strain forging steps to produce ultra-fine grained (UFG) ferrite-pearlite steel with higher strength as compare to as received steel.Fine grained (FG) ferrite-martensite dual phases (DP) steel was fabricated by using combined effect of warm MAF and intercritical annealing. The tensile strength of FG-DP steels was much higher than that of the coarse-grained (CG) counterpart, and the uniform elongations were significantly enhanced. This steel exhibited the superior combination of higher strength and more rapid strain hardening compared to those of CG-DP steel was explained in terms of their specific microstructural features.





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