International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


During the last decade there has been a rapid development in Micro-Fabrication Technology driven by the need for low-cost Micro-Components and Micro-Systems. Micro-Components will be required in a range of new products such as medical devices, Micro-Well, Micro-Pillar Micro-Fluidic Systems. Applications for Micro-Systems have stimulated innovative developments, created new markets and a demand for low-cost components. These are particularly important in manufacturing industries such as the automotive, chemicals, medical instruments, computer parts and telecommunication sectors. The drive towards miniaturization places is increasing demand for new techniques and novel processing technologies. This paper describes the Manufacturing of X-ray Mask with Photo-Chemical Machining (PCM) and the Fabrication of Poly-Methyl-Meth-Acrylate (PMMA) structures with X-ray Lithography Technology. Fabrication of low cost X-ray mask has been done on Copper sheet and Brass sheet using PCM. X-ray Lithography is used to obtain high aspect ratio Micro-Well, Micro-Pillar and Micro-fluidic channel. Synchrotron radiation of Beam line BL-07 at INDUS-2, RRCAT Indore is the source of X-ray for Lithography.





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