International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Aerospike nozzle is often described as an inside-out bell shaped nozzle and named for its prominent spike located at centre. This project mainly focuses on design of various types of nozzles such as aerospike, truncated aerospike and spike bell nozzles. In theoretical approach, the efficiency of rocket nozzles is calculated with design parameters such as throat area, exit area, chamber pressure and so on. From theoretical approach it is inferred that the spike bell nozzle has an increased value of thrust when compared to other nozzle types. So meshing and internal flow analysis is carried out for spike bell nozzle alone by using ANSYS CFX 13.0 software. From this flow analysis it can be inferred that the exit Mach number of spike bell nozzle comes close to the theoretical design exit Mach number .Also the flow simulations for the spike bell nozzle is carried out for various parameters such as pressure, temperature and velocity.





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