International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


High temperature corrosion of coated and uncoated IN738LC and uncoated CM247LC nickel based super alloys in chloride and vanadium environment were carried out. To create corrosive environment (i.e. chloride and vanadium environment) salts of required proportions of Na2SO4, NaCl and V2O5 were applied on both sides of samples and loaded into the furnace at 700°C and 900°C. The weight changes were noted and SEM analysis was done to determine the surface morphology of hot corroded samples. Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) was used to determine different elements present in corroded samples of CM247LC and IN738LC in chloride and vanadium environments at 700°C and 900°C. The present study revealed that CM247LC is more susceptible to hot corrosion than IN738LC due to varying amount of chromium and tungsten which is explained by degradation mechanism. Coated IN738LC has more life span than that of other samples.





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