International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The present experimental study investigates the turbulent LPG Inverse Diffusion Flame (IDF) stabilized in a coaxial burner in terms of flame appearance, visible flame length, centerline temperature distribution and oxygen concentration and NOX emission characteristics. The effect of air-fuel jet velocities on visible flame length is interpreted using global strain rate and a new devised parameter called Modified Momentum Ratio. The centerline temperature exhibits a steeper increase in the lower premixed zone of the IDF due to the enhanced premixing. Subsequently it declines gradually in the upper luminous portion owing to soot radiation and heat losses to the ambient. Further, the centerline oxygen depletes rapidly in the lower blue zone but found to increase gradually in the upper luminous portion of IDF. The centerline temperature and oxygen distribution along the flame length revealed the dual flame structure of IDF. The EINOX values exhibited a bell shaped profile and reached a maximum value around stoichiometric overall equivalence ratio.





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