International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Unsteady laminar forced convection flow in a 2-dimensional channel over periodic grooves is numerically investigated. Finite volume method is used and the equations were discretized by second order upwind method. The ribheight to channel-height ratio (B/H) is 2. The downstream wall is heated by a uniform heat flux while the upstream wall is insulated. Quasi steady point was obtained at τ=10. The heat transfer is analyzed with different nanoparticles volume fraction and diameter of 0-4% and 20nm-50nm for SiO2 respectively at Reynolds number of 400 and τ=10. Water is used as a base fluid of nanoparticles. The results revealed 124% heat transfer enhancement compared to the water in a grooved channel by using SiO2 nanoparticle with volume fraction and nanoparticle diameter of 4% and 20nm respectively.



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