International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


In the present study, a mathematical model has been developed to predict the abrasive wear behavior of bagasse fiber reinforced polymer composite. The experiments have been conducted using full factorial design in the design of experiments (DOE) on pin-on-disc type wear testing machine, against 400 grit size abrasive paper. A second order polynomial model has been developed for the prediction of wear loss. The model was developed by response surface method (RSM). Analysis of variance technique at 95% confidence level was applied to check the validity of the model. The effect of volume percentage of reinforcement, applied load and sliding velocity on abrasive wear behavior was analysed in detail. To judge the efficiency and ability of the model, comparison of predicted and experimental response values outside the design conditions was carried out. The result shows, good correspondence, implying that, empirical models derived from response surface approach can be used to describe the tribological behavior of the above composite.



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