International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The effect of the film shape on the load carrying capacity of a hydrodynamically lubricated bearing has not been considered an important factor in the past. Flat faced tapered bearing and the Raileigh's step bearing of constant film thickness have been the primary forms of film shapes for slider bearing studies and design data developments. There are indications in the literature that surface profiling/texturing can have significant and positive influence on the load carrying capacity of hydrodynamic pad thrust bearings. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to compare the experimental results of pressure temperature distributions in slider bearing with flat surface and with different single continuous surface profiled (Cycloidal,Catenoidal,Quadratic) sector shaped pads. Pressure results presented in this paper can provide a platform for validation of theoretical models. An experimental study has been performed to investigate the influence of single continuous surface profiled sector shaped pads in tilting pad thrust bearing. It has been found that with cycloidal shaped surface profiled sector shaped pads the pressure generated within fluid film is enhanced which in turn causes enhancement in load bearing capacity of hydrodynamic bearing.





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