International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


This paper presents methods for the production of Bamboo Vinegar. Bamboo Vinegar is formed on condensation of Bamboo Vapor which is a byproduct of bamboo pyrolysis occurring during the process of production of Bamboo Charcoal. The Paper mentions the conventional practices of producing Bamboo Vinegar and provides detailed study on the development of a condenser of adequate rating and sizing for the production of Bamboo Vinegar. Appropriate assumptions are made in designing the condenser which is a modification of a shell and tube type heat exchanger. The condenser acts as a heat sink improving the yield and quality of bamboo vinegar produced. Designs have been attempted with strong consideration for manufacture and operational cost as the condenser finds application amongst rural people with little or no technical knowhow, therefore simplicity of design is absolutely critical. Experimental results confirm working prototype of condensation system. Improvement over conventional method of production is specified for in this paper.





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