International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Now days, Compressors are widely used in gas gathering, gas processing, and gas storage, chemical and refining applications. Compressors are mounted on the Base frame to carry its weight, to maintain its alignment and to assist in carrying the dynamic loads. Compressors base frame needs an effective design technology to ensure its required performance and functions satisfactorily. This paper represents a case study of the compressor base frame on which high speed reciprocating compressors are mounted. Attempts are basically made to standardize base frame for all type of piston compressor. Also, to design deck systems with effective vibration control, which able to sustain the dynamic forces occur in compressor and motor. Secondarily, anti vibration mounts can be select and arranged as they control the vibration of motor and compressor. By using FEA tool approach is made for the investigations of critical stresses. Also, to plot the harmonic responses of the base frame for acceleration with which it vibrate. Finally compare it with the standard data.





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