International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


This paper presents an investigation on the effect and optimization of machining process parameters on the Material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness (SR) in CNC wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) operations. The cutting of High Chromium High Carbon (HCHC) die steel work piece using CNC WEDM by using Taguchi methodology has been reported. Many experiments were conducted to consider the effect of Current, Voltage, Wire speed and Wire tension on the MRR and SR response. An L9 (3*4) Taguchi standard orthogonal array (OA) is chosen for design of experiments and the main influencing factor are determined for each given machining criteria by using Analysis of variance (ANOVA). We found out the optimal parameter setting for MRR and SR. The analysis of the Taguchi methodology reveals that. In general the Current significantly affect the MRR and SR. Experimental observed values are provided to verify this methodology.





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