International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


The concept of vibration mitigation in flexible structures using smart fluids has attracted researcher’s interest in the last few years. Significant research work has been done on the structures with electrorheological fluids, but there has been a little work with the magnetorheological fluids. This study investigates the vibration controllability of MR fluid filled cantilever beams under externally applied magnetic fields. The adaptive structures were fabricated by adding a MR fluid layer between the adjacent elastic layers and the properties of two different types of sandwich beams were studied. In the first type, free and forced vibration responses of aluminium beam with partial treatment were evaluated and compared with fully filled beam. The controllability of vibration response was observed in terms of variations in vibration amplitudes and shifts in magnitudes of the resonant natural frequency. In second type, a composite cylindrical sandwich cantilever beam with end plate was fabricated. It consisted of outer stainless steel hollow pipe with end mass, inner wooden rod and an embedded MR fluid. Inner rods with different diameters were used to vary the thickness of MR fluid layer. Forced vibration response of such beams exhibited increased damping under increased magnetic fields.





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