International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


It is normally assessed that a Country’s economy is directly proportional to the use of steel that the country is having. This is true and at the same time, some adverse situations are also caused due to such industrialization. In an Indian economy, it is advisable to open more and more industry sectors rather to seize them down. Motivation from governmental as well as nongovernmental agencies would be more effective to keep a sound mind towards the environmental assessments which is the call of the day the whole globe around. We have got much concern and responsibility to combat the climate change which has become a drastic phenomenon for rest of our lives as well as our ancestors. The paper discusses about the sponge iron industries and various methods to help support the environmental issues. It focuses how the environmental system related to the sponge iron industries in the country would help to build a green globe around in near future without affecting the economy of the country.



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