International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


In the present scenario of globalization and liberalization, it is imperative that Indian industries become fully conscious of the needs to produce reliable products meeting International standards. Reliability of a system can be maximized by attaching parallel components to each of the components in the system such that if one component fails, one of its parallel components comes into operation and the system does not fail until all parallel units fail. Integrated Reliability Model refers to the determination of the number of components, component Reliabilities, stage Reliabilities and the system Reliability wherein the problem considers both the unknowns that is the component Reliabilities and the number of components in each stage for the given cost constraint to maximize the System Reliability. In this work an attempt is made to develop an integrated reliability model for a series-parallel configuration subject to the cost, weight and volume constraints .The Lagrangian Multiplier method is used to determine the component reliabilities, stage reliabilities, number of components in each stage and the system reliability for a series-parallel configuration. Using this method, rounded values cannot be obtained, but number of components should be an integer. To get the integer value, Integer programming has been successfully used.



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