International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


In this paper, practical means of facilitating participatory steps taken in productivity enhancement with the emphasis on rejection minimization programs in parabolic Leaf Spring Manufacturing Unit in India were reviewed. Productivity has been the key factor in any industry and it can be enhanced by minimizing the rejections and down time of machine. Parabolic leaf spring plays a vital role in the suspension system of any automobile, since it has an effect on ride comfort and vehicle dynamics. In this present work, various approaches and efforts made for productivity improvement are discussed with the emphasis on reduction of rejections in terms of End Gap and Camber Less in leaf spring in Parabolic Leaf Spring Manufacturing Unit in India. The output of this work is reduction in production cost via minimizing the rejection, reworking, efficient and economical utilization of all input resources. This work provides an extremely valuable practical framework to companies who recognize the parabolic Leaf Spring Manufacturing.



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