International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


In this study, the influence of a variety of operating conditions on the power losses and efficiency of an automotive manual transmission was investigated experimentally. An experimental methodology was developed to measure power losses of a manual transmission under both loaded and unloaded conditions while all operation parameters were controlled tightly. A set of fixtures and instrumentation were designed and implemented to apply the experimental methodology to a five-speed, manual transmission from a front-wheel-drive passenger vehicle. Experimental parametric studies were performed to quantify the influence of operating conditions including load, oil viscosity and oil volume on load-dependent (mechanical) and load-independent (spin) power losses of the transmission. Analysis of the power loss data revealed that all three of these parameters influenced the components of the transmission power loss significantly, and specific conclusions were drawn in order to aid attempts to increase overall transmission efficiency. The experimental database formed as a result of this study is extensive so as to allow a complete validation of transmission power loss models.





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