International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


This paper “SIMULATION OF FRONTAL CRASH-TEST” The simulation of vehicle crashes by using computer softwares has become an indispensible tool for shortening automobile development time and lowering costs. It also has huge impact on the crashworthiness of an automobile. This work reports on the simulated crash test of an automobile. The objective of this work is to simulate a frontal impact crash of an automobile and validate the results. The aim is also to alter some of the materials of the components with a view to reduce the forces experienced during the crash. Computer models were used to test the crash characteristics of the vehicle in the crash. The model used here was that of a Chevrolet C1500 pick-up truck. The software used for the simulation is LS-DYNA. It is widely used by the automotive industry to analyze vehicle designs. It accurately predicts a car's behavior in a collision. The results obtained by the simulation were then validated by comparing it with the test results of the same test performed by the NCAC (National Crash Analysis Center).



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