International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Electric vehicles are the transportation machines which uses electric energy as power source for movement. The objective of this technical journal is to propose an idea to solve the electric automobile problems which are causing the backlog for sales and demand of electric automobiles in the Indian market. This is a technical journal consisting of a case study of electric vehicle problems in India, applications and advantages of electric vehicles, simple analysis of problems one by one based on common thinking abilities, disadvantages in electric vehicles, discussion of preferable solutions for the electric vehicle problems and its disadvantages, field survey, listing the situation in order systematically, different types of batteries that can be used, motors that can be preferred for electric automobiles, preferred solution discussion including result discussion with an example of electric automobile and finally conclusions. We have discussed on batteries and motors that are suitable for electric vehicles. We have tried to solve the problems of electric vehicles after listing the problems that can be faced in electric vehicles one by one. The main concept of this paper is having the battery exchange stations to exchange the charge dried batteries to fully charged batteries. In battery exchange stations, a customer using electric vehicles should pay some amount and can exchange his used batteries to fully charged batteries. We have discussed the way of working of battery exchange stations. Hydrogen fuel cell concepts are also detailed in this paper.



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