International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Energy saving and efficiency are the key issues in power generation system not only from the view point of fuel consumption, but also for the protection of global environment. Flue gas ducts are the major parts of oil-fired power plant, which are used to exhaust flue gases from boiler. This paper presents an approach for the optimization of economiser design. The aim of this work is to develop methodology which finds optimization of economiser design. CFD analysis is used to compare the new economiser design with traditional strategies. The most economical solution of this problem seems to distribute gas flow uniformly at inlet of economiser by using vanes. So that effective heat transfer can be obtained to reduce the number of tubes of existing model. In the present work commercial software Fluent is used for the 3D simulation using its inbuilt K-􀁈 Reliable model. Optimization of economiser is done for effective heat transfer with reducing number of tubes required.





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