International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


This paper covers studies on machinability of aluminum-silicon carbide particulate metal matrix composites (Al-SiCp MMCs) with abrasive waterjets (AWJs) produced by two different types of abrasives. Four different compositions of Al-SiCp MMCs were processed with 60, 80 and 120 mesh size garnet and SiC abrasives with a view to identify the correct type and size of abrasive for effective processing of MMCs with AWJs. The maximum penetration ability of AWJs in different MMCs was examined by conducting the experiments on a wedge shaped Al-SiCp MMC specimens, prepared with stir casting method. Optical micrographs of MMC samples and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) examination of AWJ cut surfaces enabled to explain the trends of material removal with both types of abrasives. Analysis of results clearly indicated the choice of 80 mesh size SiC abrasives for effective processing of Al-SiCp MMCs with AWJs.





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