International Journal of Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering


Thickness of the mixing sphere with multi openings in the startup system is unattainable using the design codes. Obtaining the values experimentally is also quite uneconomical. Hence the analysis of sphere with openings was performed to find the allowable thickness values based on maximum stress conditions given in ASME code. The whole start-up system was modeled in CAESAR and the flexibility analysis was carried out for all the static load cases. The reaction forces and moments acting on the connecting nozzles of the sphere were obtained and given as inputs for the finite element analysis of the sphere. The mixing sphere was modeled in ANSYS and analyzed for the maximum stress that occurs for different thickness values. The analysis reveals that the maximum stresses for the given thickness values are within the allowable limit according to ASME design code. The optimum thickness of the sphere and the corresponding allowable pressure were also determined.



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